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Ranking Username Wins Games Wins %
1Liberation_607.01162.052.24 %
2Annouska_535.01033.051.79 %
3Sonic_474.0880.053.86 %
4vaso2468411.0892.546.05 %
5Peonies391.0778.050.26 %
6Delissey371.0723.051.31 %
7Covid19339.0708.047.88 %
8Teddy_290.0634.045.74 %
9mathousalix248.0535.046.36 %
10DPStrikerGR210.5386.554.46 %
11Tinker_bell193.0333.557.87 %
12BubbleGum_184.0379.048.55 %
13TommyShelby183.0367.049.86 %
14JaneDoe177.0317.055.84 %
15frabala169.0336.050.30 %
16MizzCoffee163.0328.049.70 %
17MrPerfekt161.0322.050.0 %
18Iliascaballero147.0250.058.80 %
19kapros21141.0300.047.00 %
20anestis91138.0275.050.18 %

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